Photo by Diane Sobolewski

Photo by Diane Sobolewski

"Boyishly dim cowboy Will Parker is played with more buoyancy than a rubber ball by delightful Jake Swain whose voice is a perfectly honed instrument for the effervescent 'Kansas City' song-and-dance scene." - Critics on the Aisle

"Jake Swain, as Will Parker, gives a wonderfully winning performance and pursues his love for Ado Annie (Gizel Jiménez) with genuine feeling." - Shoreline Times

(Oklahoma!: Goodspeed Opera House)




"A few of my other favorites included [. . .] Jake Swain’s portrayal of Mr. Collins, whom we can categorize as awkward on a whole different level and who provided some great comic moments to the production." - Front Row Reviewers Utah

(Pride and Prejudice)

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"As the Stage Manager, who serves as a narrator of the play, Jake Swain expertly handles the homey language of Wilder’s script." - UTBA

(Our Town)